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The fourth title in ‘From the Buses’©️ series

Caterers, Sally, and Roger Clark had been running their small and popular backstreet cafe for decades but now it would be closing for good when the town council announced it wanted to redevelop the land. The couple decided it was the right time to retire and finally realise their dream of a road trip across Europe in their trusted VW campervan, affectionately named ‘the green bus’.
It was when the demolition of the properties and land was underway, there was unearthed an horrific discovery that would send out Europe-wide police warrants for the arrests of the Clark’s. Their notoriety was enforced by the disappearance of a Swedish backpacker, seen in the same vicinity as the couple. And what had been the fate of the bully last seen arguing with Roger?
Were the Clarks a pair of serial killers or were things not as they seemed?

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75 years in the making

‘Beneath the hope tree’

an autobiography

The youngest of four daughters, I was born in London in 1947. My family moved to the north west of England, two years later. I wrote my first book at 12 years old, an adventure story for children, whilst I was recovering from a bad case of tonsillitis.
I combined a busy family life in my thirties, with writing fictional short stories for a number of magazines, plus a series of short picture stories specifically for my toddler son.
It wasn't until the 1990's, when I concentrated on writing crime fiction novels, starting with the Sophie Curtiss Murder Mysteries. During the early 'noughties' I wrote scripts for TV soaps and radio plays.

From the buses©️


The yellow bus

This is a whodunit with a twist. The book was inspired by the town’s mini bus service and many of the regulars who travel on this route, but there the resemblance ends. The following story and the characters are no more than a figment of the author’s creative imagination and any resemblance to persons or related incidents are purely coincidental. Importantly no elderly humans or animals were harmed in the writing of this book.

The local yellow bus was a Godsend for the elderly passengers who used the service every weekday morning. It gave them an opportunity to catch up on local gossip, a chance to chat and reminisce about their former lives. During the journey the regular driver Harry Spree often overheard the conversations and these gave his wife Elaine, disillusioned with her own life, an idea to become ‘an agent’ for some of these pensioners and their hidden talents.

The red bus

The follow up to the very popular title ‘The Yellow Bus’ ©2020

Having been a fan of the TV comedy ‘On the Buses’, and watching the film ‘Summer Holiday’ more times than he can recall, Dudley Singeton has one passion in life: the big red bus he drives every day.

So when it comes time for him to retire, his ambition is to use his pension and savings to purchase a routemaster, set it down at the bottom of the garden as a homage to his former life. 

But his wife Prue has other ideas. She decides the best use of the money, and his now ample time, will be to build an extension onto their bungalow and provide a granny flat for her mother. 

Dudley comes up with a genius plan: why not combine the two? He’ll convert the red bus into an ideal home for Bertha.

His good intentions are not appreciated by Prue, his mother-in-law or the neighbours and even less so, when squatters move into the object of everyone’s disapproval.


The 3rd story From the Buses

The large dark blue prison van, with rows of small blackout windows and divided into special cells, had been given a number of titles by criminals over the years, ‘the sweatbox’, ‘the meat wagon’ and ‘the blue bus’.

But the nicknames didn’t matter, the vehicle had a job to do, transporting the sentenced prisoners from courts to jails, and these are the stories of four of its passengers.

Venus Parker lived alone with a stray cat called Claws and Venus, a whiz at IT, knew her way around computers better than anyone. She had always found it easy to hack into other network systems and wasn’t averse to selling data on to interested parties. Up to now she had gotten away with hacking companies, but when she turned her attention closer to home she was after a much bigger payday.

Marlin Puddle saw no point in finding honest work. He lived with his doting mum who worked in a local store, kept him clothed and fed with a roof over his head. Nothing would have changed if Marlin hadn’t started a profitable hobby which made his mum very proud.

‘Not Me’ Norris was a petty burglar. Cedric Norris, married to Babs, had spent most of his forty odd years in and out of prison. He was good at it: breaking into properties and helping himself to any valuables just left hanging around. It wasn’t Not Me’s fault, he was unlucky enough to be caught on so many occasions. It was another night, another property, just another ‘job’ like countless others, except this house held a terrifying secret. 

So there you have it!

Four criminals, eventually caught, charged, convicted and in time each one safely stowed on the Blue Bus to be taken to start their sentences behind bars. Except one would not reach that inevitable destination because their various crimes just might be  connected. 

Which was to fall foul of not just the courts but someone far more dangerous? 



Lucinda Goodbody, a fifty something divorcee, has taken early retirement from her job as an English teacher in an inner city comprehensive. To escape the noise and pollution, she buys a converted hunting lodge on the edge of Sir Jeremy Rutherford’s country estate, in the village of Lower Mulberry. There she meets Shem, and his constant companion Fox, and they join forces to become an unusual pair of amateur sleuths. (Meet them first in the Amazin’ Tales book, the mini mystery VULPINE)

Book 1. Cardboard Boxes

An old vicarage, on the outskirts of Mulberry Hollow, is a modern rental flats conversion. Not the builder, or his son, are bothered about the shoddy work and cut corners, as long as they can fill the flats with tenants. Six people will move in and two will die. Lucinda’s own daughter is arrested on suspicion of murder and it is Lucinda and Shem, who set out to solve the killings, but not before there is a third. Using commonsense, gained from the years of dealing with teenagers, and Shem’s uncanny instincts, age old instincts and an inbred need to survive, together they track down the killer.

Book 2. Energy Efficient

The Ballister family have always courted controversy in the small village of Lower Mulberry and never more so than the proposed wind farm. Bruce Ballister, with a string of failed businesses behind him, is determine a row of turbines across his lane will finally make his fortune. He’ll go to any length to get planning permission and he’s not the only one willing to take chances. An illegal dog fighting syndicate, leading to a brutal death, only adds to the villagers’ concerns. An old lady dies in a nursing home. A young woman commits suicide after years of domestic abuse. A man dies from a heart attack. None suspicious deaths and no connections. Has the killer committed the perfect murders and could Lucinda Goodbody be his next innocent victim?

Book 3. Lather

What do a TV soap, a polluted river and a murder have in common?Lather? The village of Lower Mulberry has had its fair share of changes over the years since Lucinda Goodbody, retired teacher from an inner city school, first bought the isolated lodge on the edge of the big estate. She misses her two closest friends. Rachel Spencer, the former postmistress, and Shem the eco activist who, until recently, had lived in the woods. The recent sale of the Rutherford estate to an international hotel chain and the imminent arrival of the cast of Shelby Court, a popular TV soap opera, causes excitement but there is growing concern when the Little Mull river is found to be heavily polluted, causing harm to one of the locals, then the body of a celebrity is found floating in its poisoned water. But, was it accidental or is there more to his death? Lucinda Goodbody is understandably worried when a newcomer sets up a temporary camp in the woods close to her home, she acquires an unwanted guest and a local teenager goes missing without reason or explanation. Yet, with all that is wrong in Lower Mulberry, nothing can prepare the village, or the wider world, for the terrible events that are about to change lives forever...

Book 4. Compulsory Purchase

Nothing stays the same.

Following the Covid pandemic, most of the population of the rural village of Lower Mulberry, have been in a state of panic for nearly two years owing to the disturbing news that the high speed train route is set to cut through the village and surrounding land.

Staying with her son David, after a serious heart operation, Lucinda Goodbody is keen to get back to her home and Arthur Brownlow, aka Shem, who, having survived an arsonist’s fire, is determined to save the village and an ancient woodland from destruction. On the side of the new HS2 link, are the two main businesses in the area with, somewhere in the middle of this conflict, the recently promoted Inspector Saffron Brook of the Mulberry Hollow CID.

During one of the numerous surveys there is a potential discovery of an important Neolithic settlement. This could turn out to be a significant site of scientific and historical interest and may yet stop the rail plans going through.

When further geo-surveying and excavations uncover more recent skeletal remains, they finally solve the mysterious disappearances of two village children going back over seven decades.

2022, is the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.  The Coronation was held on Tuesday, June 2nd 1953.

Book 5. Watery Grave

It had rained for days and the River Mull, which sliced through the market town of Mulberry Hollow, was in danger of bursting its banks in some areas of the town.

In a centuries-old graveyard which backed onto the river, parts of the ground quickly became sodden and unstable. It was inevitable that the old wall and then the ancient cemetery would crumble away into the fast-flowing current, taking with it the old coffins. To make matters worse Reverend Raymond Toffey’s wife reported him missing. 

As fears for his safety grew, bodies were spotted floating down the river amongst the accumulation of mud and debris.

At first it was thought they were a few of the corpses torn from their rotting wooden coffins by the torrent of water, but it quickly became obvious that these deaths were more recent, and they’d been murdered.

As the town battled on against the forces of nature, it was Mulberry Hollow CID, along with unasked for help from a couple of amateur sleuths, who set out to solve the murders.

They had to find the killer or killers, and motive, but maybe the answers to these puzzles went back over time?

The world ACCORDING to…Ogden

Hi everyone, first let me introduce myself. I’m Ogden, just Ogden with no first name or title and only one person has ever shortened it to Oggie, my best friend and housemate, Saffron. Some people might have thought I was opinionated but the way I saw it, I had a range of views about just about everything and not always in line with the rest of the population.

We lived in a town, an ordinary, average town where nothing unusual happened and everyone was the same as everywhere else. That was until a strange macabre event that changed everything from one of general complacency to one of growing fear.

Three types of footwear, all different sizes and designs, were found in a variety of locations in the town. Discarded? Thrown away or lost you might say and I’d agree, except each shoe held a severed foot.

The local police followed numerous leads and motives, but could find no reference to missing persons, trace any possible victims or even the rest of the body parts. It was soon obvious that any possible answers seemed thin on the ground. The local council and authorities were growing increasingly worried as fear and uncertainty quickly spread on the streets of the town.

The situation was made worse when a naked man was found, murdered, with his own severed foot ceremoniously stuffed in his mouth.

Of course, it goes without saying I had my own thoughts and, with no solution in sight, I decided I needed to help and do a bit of amateur sleuthing to help solve these bizarre mysteries.


The follow up to ‘The World According to Ogden’

The previous title: ‘The World According to Ogden’, ended with a lot of questions left unanswered and this is the sequel.

This book will reveal who the owner of the severe foot is, and how they came to be murdered on a farm, miles away from home.

Following a promotion and transfer, to the market town of Mulberry Hollow, DI Saffron Brook, was not content to leave it as a cold case. With the help of Detective Constable Aden Wright, a former colleague, she was hopeful they would finally have a name.

In his free time and unbeknown to his current boss, Aden searched through files and reports until following a lead previously discarded, he was able to track down a possible name. This, in turn led to an elderly widow, an act of kindness, a slaughter, and the truth.

You might well ask, but what about the title? How are Donald’s trousers and their fate connected?

Well, read the book to find out!



– a satirical whodunit quartet:

Dangerous Secrets at Autumn House

There was something rather sad about the old house and its inhabitants: all was not as it seemed. Behind closed doors there was a heady mix of intrigue, dishonesty, narcissism, S& M and blackmail. Each of the tenants, in the converted flats, had a dangerous secret and it was felt they had to remain hidden whatever the cost, even murder. Four deaths and with so many possible suspects could they have been murder or just plain accidents?

Dangerous Secrets at Wintergreen Terrace

A satirical whodunit with a dollop of darker humour.

Wintergreen Terrace is a row of houses in an average town, anywhere.

Every property on the street has a history and its residents many stories behind the closed doors. Then a terrible disaster ends all that.

Dangerous Secrets at Spring Vale Manor

A young man rises to instant stardom as a rapper. With all that sudden wealth he builds the one thing his mother’s always wanted, a stately home. However his fame is short lived and he sells the pile to a pair of notorious brothers. An adopted child, living in the same village of St Herbert on the Marsh is desperate to find out who her birth father is, but it seems no one can give her the answer. The rain is continuous until the area around the manor and the village is flooded, causing chaos for everyone involved. But no one could have predicted the tragedy that was about to beset the manor and its new occupants, not even the local witch.

Dangerous Secrets at Summer Hightower’s

Summer Hightowers has no idea why a complete stranger had left her a fortune in her will. Her inheritance included more money than she could have imagined and a large, strange looking house miles away from the city she has lived in all her life. But Summer is curious to know more about her benefactor an Afro Caribbean woman who had been tracing her roots and family tree until her sudden disappearance. Can Summer, with help from her new neighbour and a Detective Inspector, unlock the mystery of a strange death in the Congo, a hoard of uncut, diamonds, and what has really happened to Erica Poole?

Sophie curtiss murder mYsteries©️



In the town of Thornhill a man is found battered to death. Johnny Carter was a known drug dealer and pimp, and many said he deserved what he got. A young girl is near the crime scene but only Sophie Curtiss is witness to her distress. She follows the teenager and discovers she was one of Carter’s girls.

That evening Sophie receives an unexpected visitor. Her sister Helen is nervous and upset and explains that, while away on a modelling assignment, her apartment has been broken into. When she suggests Sophie joins her on a private yacht for a cruise round the Greek islands, Sophie accepts, but what was meant as a chance to relax on a luxury holiday turns out to have serious consequences. There are serious undercurrents amongst the passengers and crew and the cruise becomes a watery nightmare when one of the guests falls over board. Only hours later Helen disappears.


On the very night the world learns of the assassination of an American president a young girl runs away from home. The fourteen year old is escaping from a life time of abuse by her stepfather. She cannot know what lies ahead of her, only that she is leaving behind the man she has loathed for years, and who she has left bleeding on the kitchen floor after plunging a knife into him. Jenny makes a new life for herself, hopeful that the police will never arrest her for the murder of Ernie.

Thirty years on and Sophie Curtiss is visiting old friends in the small market town of Willowford. When a woman is found dead a vicious blackmailer is uncovered, and Sophie and her friends are inexplicably drawn in to the mystery. But who is the killer? There appears to be quite a number of people who are glad to see her dead. An arrest, then another death and it is only when Sophie accidental stumbles on the details of a past crime that the truth is uncovered....


Many of the older people of Thornhill had known Charlie Bennett. He’d been born there, grown up and married in the town. Then, following the scandal of him leaving his wife and daughter to move south with a younger woman, and even his closest friends had lost touch with him over the years. So why had Charlie returned and what was he doing staying at a B&B on the very night there was a fire there? A freezing winter’s evening and only the young were out either attending the rave in a barn just outside of the town or watching the show, from a group of Chippendale-style male strippers, at the theatre. What was the connection between a drug’s dealer , a computer disk, the murder of a woman, the group calling themselves The Gorgeous Hunks and the death of a man long forgotten?


People of all ages and sex are randomly being murdered in an around the market town of Thornhill. There is no connection to any of the victims and no obvious motives, except the killings are carried out on Wednesdays. It is only when Sophie Curtiss, the women’s page editor of the local newspaper, starts to receive anonymous letters describing the killer’s crimes in detail and after his sixth murder, the Wednesday Killer reveals his true identity.


Now married to a detective inspector, Sophie Curtiss still a part time journalist on the Thornhill Advertiser, decides to do a freelance piece about a local lottery winner.

Melissa Reed has won over eight million pounds and, as to be expected, her world changes overnight. She is able to buy everything she ever wanted except peace of mind, and to share her good fortune with the one person who matters, her best friend Jean. Her strange obsession with alien abduction and her controlling husband Steven is ready to accept she might be losing her mind. Has all this sudden wealth been too much for the middle-aged woman? Perhaps she should make Steven executor to her entire fortune before she gives it away to her new like-minded acquaintance Maurice Winter? When Steven Reed is found dead only minutes away from their luxury home, is it really an accidental overdose of drink and sleeping pills --- or murder? A short time later her son Lloyd is tragically killed in a car accident. Could there be more to these deaths? In the process of reporting the Reed’s good luck, Sophie cannot begin to imagine the greed, manipulation and ultimately danger, she will encounter. Or the lengths a killer will go, to get the maximum gain.


Although married for seventeen years Sophie’s marriage is in trouble after Richard’s recent affair with a female colleague. The cracks only deepen with DI Oxford’s unsociable hours, the continuing conflict between Sophie and her teenage daughter, Kirsty, and Sophie trying to juggle two part-time jobs.

In the market town of Thornhill three people are being stalked and a body is found on a patch of wasteland. The inspector and his team must find the killer before he strikes again.

When Sophie encounters a face from her past, no one could have foreseen the horrific and deadly outcome.


The stabbing of Henry Hardwick, in his shop, weeks before Christmas seems to lack motive. However the police have a suspect because the murder weapon is found in her bag.

Can Sophie solve the mystery and clear her name?

This is the seventh and last book of the series.

Unless there is one yet to be told!


It was the late ‘noughties’, the start of the summer holidays and Sophie, recovering from major surgery, was feeling at a loose end. Her husband, Detective Chief Inspector Richard Oxford was busy on an important breaking case, while her parents and their ten year old granddaughter, Kirstie had flown out to the States for a holiday.

Sophie had recently started attending amateur art classes, and it was there she’d first met divorcee April who was alone in the world. The two women, around the same age, had become friends and it was April who first suggested they should have a getaway holiday to ‘brush up’ on their landscape painting, and it sounded like a good idea. 

It had been April who’d said she’d make the arrangements: ‘Leave it with me, Sophie. I’ll find the ideal place and book us a two week break.’ 

And on reflection it did appear April’s choice of the privately owned villa in an isolated spot on the coast, was the ideal place to relax and recuperate and they spent their days painting the beautiful coastal landscape. It seemed to be the perfect break until the arrival of Lexie. 

From that moment, what had started as a pleasant painting holiday, took on an air of menace as Sophie quickly realised there was more to her friend and her uninvited niece, as things suddenly turned unpleasant and dangerous. 

It should have been a holiday to help Sophie recover, instead it turned into a nightmare of addiction and murder, and one that very nearly cost Sophie her life..


This Cold War sci-fi thriller was inspired by a book I first wrote in 1973. The draft copy, typewritten on an old Remington machine, was left forgotten and unpublished until recently rediscovered, and brought back to life as MAGENTA.
 Margaret J Carr

It’s the 1950s and the world is threatened with nuclear annihilation by the big world powers.

One side is rumoured to have a further weapon, codenamed MAGENTA. A pathogen so virulent, once released into the atmosphere in a matter of weeks it will wipe out humanity. A highly contagious toxin that is invisible, quickly multiplies and disperses into the air, and with no ways to trace, attack and destroy, or no known treatment or antidote, time is running out.

So, if it exists, which side has the ultimate biological agent?

The western governments, the Iron Curtain countries, spies, secret and double agents, from every side disclaim all knowledge but the race is on to find the source. Is it manmade in a secret lab, or could it be connected to something arriving from outer space on a UFO? As each side investigates, interrogates, there are lies and counterintelligence, with few leads to tracing this deadliest of all biological warfare. Once released into the world’s population could it really be the end of the world, or is MAGENTA a gigantic hoax created by one of the super powers?

When a relatively unknown PhD botany specialist suddenly disappears the threat is taken seriously.

Murder on the rhine

For the ninety passengers it’s meant to be a leisurely break as they settle on board the Lady Anya for a relaxing Rhine River cruise. But for ten people all is not as it seems with secrets and hidden agendas, lies and tensions that quickly turn into a nightmare.

Can all the incidents be accidental or are they deliberate?

Not until a coach excursion and the near fatal fall off a mountain, does Cyril Chapelle, a retired police inspector, begin to suspect the worst. Is there one killer or more?

As a homage to one of the best mystery writers of all time and in the tradition of the classic whodunit the suspects are brought together, in the Lady Anya’s lounge, for the final denouement.

Murder Mystery


The long awaited & much anticipated launch of Margaret J Carr’s adult, erotic thriller, ‘LOOK TO THE ROSE’.

‘--the flimsy silk robe had fallen open so her throat and neck were exposed. It would only take one tug and the material would slip to the cool, stone floor.’

On the day of her wedding, following a fall down the staircase, disoriented and confused, Annabel Kirk flees towards the nearby road and only just avoids being hit by a car, driven by Ben Latimer.

The man who appears to be chasing her is her husband Lawrence Kirk, a highly successful antiques dealer. Could he be responsible for her accident and why would Kirk want to harm his beautiful new bride?

Concerned she may be in danger, Ben takes the law into his own hands and, on a whim, drives to the couple’s honeymoon venue, their private villa on the French riviera. What secrets will he discover within the Villa d’Or’s elegant walls, rooms full of fine art and antiques, and why is Annabel, still recovering from her head injury, so frightened of the man she married?

Ben is intrigued but fearful for her safety but will he already be too late to protect her?


By Margaret J Carr writing as Cassie Latham

One woman’s obsession and downward spiral into madness.

Cassie Latham is a successful children’s book illustrator. Recently divorced and living in a pleasant flat, in a small town, she is enjoying her life. But she is being stalked or is it just a figment of a troubled mind. She is found guilty of murder and placed in a ‘secure unit’, but did she kill her stalker or what is she really guilty of?

‘This is a living nightmare I can’t wake up from, and nobody gives a toss.’

Psychological Thriller

Teresa’s war

It was 1942. A small peasant farm in the mountainous region of Nazi occupied Austria. On it lived a man, his wife and his two young daughters, five and seven years of age. Their simple lives were relatively unaffected by the war, even the Nazi garrison close to their tiny village in the Tyrol. That was until the night a terrified family of Hungarian Jews, desperate to escape across the border into Switzerland, hid in the family’s barn. Although in great danger, Teresa the seven year old, led the refugees to safety under the very noses of the Germans.

This is the previously unrecorded and unconfirmed facts based on a scrap of information told to the author by the original ‘Teresa’.          

Historical fact

Grains of sand

It’s the closing weeks of 1899. The Mason family return from Ceylon to make a new life in the Victorian seaside town of Southport, in the north west of England. Sarah and Alexander eagerly await the birth of their second child they, hope, will be a boy. William is born early in the new century. Then in a local park Louisa, the Mason’s lonely, confused little daughter, meets for the first time, a young ragamuffin called Millie. Their friendship will play an integral part in Louisa’s life, albeit against the strong wishes of Louisa’s father.

Through family tragedy and two world wars, the Mason’s lives unfold as generation after generation, chapter after chapter, the years finally lead up to 2000. A new year, a new century and a New Millennium.

Only William, born at the very start of the twentieth century lives on. His children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren decide to give this grand old man a special treat to celebrate his 100th birthday. They will give him the time of his life..

Family Saga


Quote: So many stories will remain untold and lost forever, because nobody thought to write them down. © Margaret J Carr (author)

A collection of stories, sayings, and quotes.


CHRISTOPHER’S LETTER.   When Julie leaves her family, her son decides to write her a letter with surprising results.

© 1980 First published in the Amazin’Tales collection.

A LAND OF PLENTY. A dystopian version of a modern phenomenon. ©2015.

VULPINE: introducing Goodbody & the Eco Warrior Mysteries. ©2000

First published in the Amazin’Tales collection.

THE WINDOW OPPOSITE.  A woman recovering from an illness, is intrigued by someone in the house opposite ©2022

DUSTER ©1998.  Early 1950s, and a radiation leak with devastating results on a local town.

First published in the Amazin’ Tales collection.

…and then there’s THIS

100 Words or Less

Complete short tales of fiction


Contemporary, political ‘nursey rhymes’.

Level Playing Field

A general question for the here and now?


A collection of truly amazing tales including:


A young boy writes a letter to his mother begging her to come home. He knows she find a way to answer him.


A terrible ecological disaster, which a happened fifty years before, or could it be about to happen sometime soon?


Three complete interconnecting stories of crime and its victims. Except which is which?


A mini-mystery introducing the pair of unlikely amateur sleuths, Lucinda Goodbody and Shem.(Look out for more books in the series)


A contemporary ghost story for Christmas.

And many more ---

Science Fiction & Fantasy

The day of the world storm

A time shift story. Climate changes, global warming, eco disasters and pollution accumulate in the catastrophic storm that rages across the planet. On the day the world is ripped apart everything changes forever. The river, running through the town, bursts its banks and in the flood, Amy, her older brother Luke and best friend Beth are swept away. The three don’t drown but wake to find history has been inexplicably rewritten. Nothing is the same. This brave new world has few cars, reserved only for the elite, there is no more air travel and how can the three possibly survive without their cell phones? Even their families are the same but not the same. In this time, ‘wood is king’ with the forest and jungles policed by the international WVM Corp. This is the Wood Valley Men beyond law or justice and Amy and Luke are alarmed to discover their own father is a leader within this paramilitary organization. Luke and Beth sister struggle to fit in with this world, but it is Amy who is desperate to return to the world she knew. When an ancient woodland is deliberately set on fire, live are in danger but it is then the three know for sure there is no way back. However one last questions needs to be answered. What year is it??




They Awake

On the day Jake and his friends cycled, after school, to the old telephone exchange they could not have imagined the horror they were about to unleash on the town of Faffingly. Their lives would be changed forever.

The Shadows awake from a long sleep and THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING.

Dark Echo

Jake Donner and his friends have finally come face to face with the evil Brack, the leader of the terrifying Redeye Shadows. Now they must travel far below ground, find the sinister Dark Echo and see for themselves the special meeting of the Shadows, who are preparing to take over the town of Faffingly. What can they do to beat the enemy before it’s too late?

End Game

There is nothing left. No town, no people and, outside of Jake’s bedroom and the world beyond, is a black empty void. He must play the computer game The Numplis Directive with him as the Numplis Warrior and team leader . He has to play and win to defeat the Shadow Marauders in the valley of Dark Echo. Only Jake can save his friends and the town of Faffingly.



A spin off of SHADOWFEAR©️ the Trilogy written as a screenplay or scripts

The Brack Chronicles

After the battle of Dark Echo Gorge and the defeated group, led by Brack, escape into the dark reaches of Cyberspace.

The Numplis Paradox

They travel to the far side of the Web, to a vast uncharted space. There they encounter all manner of strange, dangerous creatures and characters on their quest to find the legendary Numplis.




  1. Jimmy Decorates

  2. A Blustery Day

  3. Lord Smart-Bonnet’s Statue

  4. The Annual Road Race

  5. Let’s Have a Picnic

  6. Merry Christmas Everyone!

For Children

grown up - Motorville©️: Rebellion

When the town of Motorville is invaded by the Gas Guzzlers, a vicious gang from the U.S. of A’s midwest, it would seem the anthropomorphic vehicles, who inhabit this quiet country town, are helpless. They can attempt to fight back but they are unprepared and soon overwhelmed. That is until the Gas Guzzlers challenge the Motorvillian Petrolheads to a road race.

For Adults